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Free Virtual Divorce Options Workshops

Free Divorce Options Workshops are offered via Zoom on the second Saturday of each month from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. They’re a convenient, private way to learn more about your options if you are considering a divorce. No business is solicited, and no individual legal advice is given.

Read more about these informative Divorce Options Workshops here.

Book: How Can I Be Happy and Secure If My Spouse Wants a Divorce

Jeanne was pleased to be a co-author of Montgomery Taylor’s very informative book How Can I Be Happy and Secure If My Spouse Wants a Divorce. The book is a collection of true and inspirational stories about the lives of ordinary people in Sonoma County, and highlights financial challenges and valuable advice.

In Jeanne’s dedicated chapter, she describes her work as a family law attorney who helps clients through the difficult, life-changing process of a divorce.

Jeanne shares five important principles for helping people through the divorce process. These five principles are referenced as the five fingers on your hand, for example:

#1 Encouragement – Thumb: “First, give yourself a “thumbs up” as a reminder that you can get through this and not be overwhelmed. If you were my client I would encourage you to surround yourself with positive emotional support.”

If you, or someone you know, is going through the dissolution of a marriage, Jeanne Browne’s chapter will provide you with helpful and encouraging solutions for getting through this journey.

Her goal is make a positive difference for clients and their children by protecting their interests and providing them with helpful and encouraging solutions to their legal issues.

Learn more about the book or buy your own copy now on Amazon.

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