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Prenuptial Agreements

Start your marriage off on the right foot with open communication about important issues. Even if you are already married, it’s a good idea to put things in writing in a post-nuptual agreement. Protect your family from unnecessary hardship down the road with honest discussion now.

Collaborative Practice

Attorneys working together as a team to resolve conflicts using professional coaches, financial professionals and child specialists. The Collaborative Team consists of the parties, two attorneys, two trained coaches to facilitate effective communication.

Mediation Services

Mediation encourages respectful communication and joint efforts by the parties to create a common solution, rather than having a stranger in a black robe make an important decision that impacts your family.

Which approach is right for you?

We want to support you in keeping marriage and your family together if possible. Our experience shows that couples who work through the process of creating a marital agreement early on benefit tremendously. Far from “planning for the worst,” the exercise of talking through potential conflict areas and coming to mutually satisfying decisions early on puts couples on a path far more likely to lead to long-term success.

But when reconciliation is not possible, or when the situation is not safe for everyone in the family, we highly recommend you consider using mediation or collaborative services. By working through your separation and divorce outside the courtroom, you will find your way to resolution more quickly, less expensively, and with far more input, leading to more mutually satisfying outcomes.

If you and your partner can make arrangements for your children without giving control over to a judge, and if you can work together to keep their welfare a top priority (including shielding them from the trauma of spending time in court), they will be forever grateful.

Take a peek at the cartoon below drawn by a 10-year old friend of mine. Its message really hits home. Keep your family together if you can. But if you can’t, please do all you can to protect your children from conflict in and out of the courtroom. We promise to support you in every way we can, and we have a a team of experts to call on as we work with your family through this difficult time.
We look forward to speaking with you about your options and exploring mediation and collaborative services as potential solutions for you.

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